Illustration for Luna Arcana Issue 2 – Walking

This illustration was created to accompany this poetry: Walking the Land by Penelope Sitter Spirits walk this land. Here where native feet fell before, where ancient lives passed, now we walk. Now we in thanks take hold where we long to know who held and were held here. Dreams inhabit here. We dream life shared … Read moreIllustration for Luna Arcana Issue 2 – Walking

Boards of Canada Listening Party – Abandoned Water Park

Boards of Canada – Tomorrows Harvest – Lake Dolores Listening Party – 5/27/2013 Here is the mysterious tweet from Boards of Canada’s Twitter feed that clued everyone to drive out in the middle of nowhere in the desert on memorial day:

Hunab Ku – The Giver of Movement & Measure

“Om Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya e ma Ho” *this means ”One giver of movement and measure, All hail the unity of mind & nature!”” This phrase combines Mayan and Tibetan language as chanted by José Argüelles Solstice Blessings, may the light shine deeply within You~ Prayer to the four directions by Valum Votan: From … Read moreHunab Ku – The Giver of Movement & Measure