Boards of Canada Listening Party – Abandoned Water Park

Boards of Canada – Tomorrows Harvest – Lake Dolores Listening Party – 5/27/2013



Here is the mysterious tweet from Boards of Canada’s Twitter feed that clued everyone to drive out in the middle of nowhere in the desert on memorial day:

Sacred Pulse – Mix

In this time of transition, things can get a bit confusing, it’s good to check in to what really matters in life. Have a listen to this mix I put together of some great music from around the planet, a sound journey meant to facilitate tuning in your heart space. ~•~

Play sound file:
Sacred Pulse Mix – Zuvuya Circuit

41:36 mins.

Track listing:

1. The Host of Seraphim – Dead Can Dance
2. Sadats (Saints of Marrakesh) – Cheb i Sabbah
3. Baktun 12 – Alex Theory & Daniel Pinchbeck – Emergence 2012
3a. Kestenbetsa – Jan Kounen – D’autres Mondes . other world
4. Saryglarlar Maidens – Carmen Rizzo & Huun Huur Tu
5. Mist Weaving – Vas
6. Pintar el Sol (Chancha Via Circuito Remix) – Miriam García & Solans
7. Finale – Stearns, Michael
7a. AUM Mantra 528 hz –
7b. Wisdom – Herbie Hancock
8. Lifeline – Ben Harper