Cover Art for Luna Arcana – Issue 3

Look what the desert wind blew in? Issue 3 has jumped up onto the surface of this orb we call Earth after many months gestating underground. Find her all over the high desert and beyond. And if you’d like to subscribe and receive two issues a year, click here.

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Cover art: Martín Mancha

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Illustration for Luna Arcana Issue 2 – Walking

This illustration was created to accompany this poetry:

Walking the Land
by Penelope Sitter

Spirits walk this land. Here where native feet
fell before, where ancient lives passed, now we walk.
Now we in thanks take hold where we long to know
who held and were held here.

Dreams inhabit here. We dream life shared once
for all. We dream with those who long before
dreamed here. Day by well-lived day as we build
we know their spirits strong here.

Light shines searing bright here. As thick clouds drop
desert rain to bless and bring the life of spring,
we know and we praise rain that wets and
light that blazes here.

Spirits walk this land. We honor them and all
they loved: the sparse creosote, the gold-gray sands,
this rocky life. With coyote, snake, hare and hawk,
we now stalk here.