Wisdom of the Dawn

Mural painting created during the Joshua Tree Music Festival (May 12-15, 2016). This piece is inspired by the sages, hermits, monks, wizards and weekend warriors, throughout history who have made the journey to pray, meditate, contemplate and appreciate the wisdom of the desert. Many thanks to Barnett English for giving me the opportunity and space to create at this spring’s festival!

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40 Days (Lent Project)

A dear friend invited me to celebrate Lent by creating a piece of devotional art every day for 40 days. Here is the results of 40 days of contemplation, prayer and creation. The order of days starts on the top left row and proceeds right and down to the next row, most days a different symbol or theme was present, although some days were abstract. (thanks to Alison for inspiring me to participate.)


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Metatron’s Cube – Wallpaper (FREE) – ios7 iPhone

UPDATE: Requested a iPhone 4/4s size: Right click here to download

I was not impressed with the design update in the new ios7, so I designed a custom wallpaper for the lock screen. Here are a couple color options:

Metatrons-Cube-Sunset-Desert-iOS-7-WallpaperOn iPhone: Click and hold over image > Save Image
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Metatrons-Cube-Blue-Desert-iOS-7-WallpaperOn iPhone: Click and hold over image > Save Image
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About Metatron’s Cube:


Metatron’s Cube (derived from the Fruit of Life) begets the five Platonic solids, including a star tetrahedron (stellated octahedron)

Metatron’s Cube is a modern New Age name for a geometric figure composed of 13 equal circles with lines from the center of each circle extending out to the centers of the other 12 circles. Some New Age teachers call a variant of this figure the Fruit of Life.

Read More/Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metatron%27s_Cube