Metatron’s Cube – Wallpaper (FREE) – ios7 iPhone

UPDATE: Requested a iPhone 4/4s size: Right click here to download I was not impressed with the design update in the new ios7, so I designed a custom wallpaper for the lock screen. Here are a couple color options: On iPhone: Click and hold over image > Save Image Right click here to save link/image … Read moreMetatron’s Cube – Wallpaper (FREE) – ios7 iPhone

Boards of Canada Listening Party – Abandoned Water Park

Boards of Canada – Tomorrows Harvest – Lake Dolores Listening Party – 5/27/2013 Here is the mysterious tweet from Boards of Canada’s Twitter feed that clued everyone to drive out in the middle of nowhere in the desert on memorial day:

Hunab Ku – The Giver of Movement & Measure

“Om Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya e ma Ho” *this means ”One giver of movement and measure, All hail the unity of mind & nature!”” This phrase combines Mayan and Tibetan language as chanted by José Argüelles Solstice Blessings, may the light shine deeply within You~ Prayer to the four directions by Valum Votan: From … Read moreHunab Ku – The Giver of Movement & Measure